Polish layout touch typing course

16 lessons

If you're looking to improve your typing skills in Polish while using the QWERTY keyboard layout, then you've come to the right place! Our free online typing course for the Polish QWERTY keyboard is designed to help you type faster and more accurately in no time.

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The Polish QWERTY keyboard layout is very similar to the English QWERTY layout, but with additional Polish-specific letters and diacritical marks. The Polish language uses special letters such as "ą," "ć," "ę," "ł," "ń," "ó," "ś," "ź," and "ż," and diacritical marks such as the "ogonek" and "kreska," which modify the pronunciation of certain letters.

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With our free online course, you will receive 16 lessons that will help you master the Polish QWERTY keyboard and learn how to type without mistakes. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing your Polish typing skills on a QWERTY keyboard layout today and take the first step towards faster, more efficient typing.

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