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How to add a typing certificate from Ratatype to LinkedIn

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A LinkedIn profile is a good idea to find a job faster. You will be able to add a link to your profile to any CV, and this will significantly increase the attractiveness of your CV among other candidates. A typing certificate from Ratatype will add authority to your profile, attract more attention, and immediately show your typing level to the future employer.

The Captain and his team have prepared instructions on how to add a certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Go to your Ratatype profile and open the "Certificate" tab.

  2.  Click the "in" button under the certificate. This is the button to add your certificate to LinkedIn.

  3. Next, a window will open in which all data about your typing certificate will be filled out.
  4. Press the "Save" button.
  5. Done! You now have a certificate from Ratatype on your LinkedIn profile.

We wish you to find a great job!

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