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How do I earn money on Ratatype?

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Ratatype is an online service that provides typing lessons and tests to help you become a faster typer. However, is it possible to make money utilizing Ratatype? The short answer is no.

Ratatype is essentially a free typing platform designed to help you become a more proficient and faster typer. While the platform does provide a typing certificate, it does not provide a way for users to make money. Platform’s main focus is to help people become faster typers by providing typing lessons, tests, and certificates.

Although Ratatype doesn’t offer a way for you to make money directly, there are other indirect benefits to using the service. Having a typing certificate indicates that you have reached a certain speed and accuracy level with your typing. This can be an impressive addition to any job resume, as it demonstrates a commitment to improving your typing skills and shows that you are familiar with the basics of typing. Therefore, if you are looking to make money, having a typing certificate from Ratatype might give your resume an edge over others.

Additionally, typing tutor can help improve your overall performance at the jobs you do have. Typing quickly and accurately can help reduce the amount of time you need to complete tasks, which can help you finish your work faster and be more productive.

In conclusion, Ratatype is not a platform designed to make you money. Instead, it is designed to help improve your typing skills and provide a typing certificate to help you land a job potentially.

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