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How to type correctly?

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It's very easy, the main thing is to follow a few basic tips.

  1. Correct posture while typing; sit upright with your screen at eye level, at a distance of 45-70 cm. Keep your back straight, bend your elbows at a right angle, and relax the muscles of the shoulders, arms, and hands.
  2. Always start typing with the ASDF JKL: keys (this line is called the main line) and return your fingers to the same position.
  3. Hit keys only with the fingers for which they have been reserved. Our colour scheme will help you with this.How to type correctly
  4. The SHIFT key is always pressed by the pinky finger opposite to the one hitting the other key. Use the thumb of whichever hand is more convenient for you to press the Space bar.
  5. Don't look at the keys when you type. Just slide your fingers around until they find the home row marking. Limit your hand and finger movement only to what is necessary to press a specific key. Keep your hands and fingers close to the base position.
  6. Speed up only when your fingers hit the right keys out of habit.

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