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What is a good typing speed?

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There is no single answer to what is a good wpm speed, but in our opinion, good typing speed is above average speed. The average typing speed is around 41 words per minute (WPM).

Also, good speed may differ for different professions. For example, a good speed for office workers is 45 WPM and above. This can be more than 60 WPM for secretaries.

In addition, the age of the person taking the test should be taken into account. Speed standards for children and adults are very different. Typing is a fundamental skill that kids must master in order to be successful in today’s digital world. As such, it’s important to know what the average typing speed is for kids so that you can help them reach their potential. Let's take a look at approximate wpm speed standards for children: 

  • elementary school — 8-15 WPM;
  • middle — 15-25 WPM;
  • high — 20-35 WPM;
  • college/adult — more than 30 WPM.

Overall, the average typing speed of kids can vary significantly depending on their age, skill level, and amount of experience. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone learns differently and at different speeds, so don’t worry if your child’s typing speed is lower or higher than the average. With practice, your child will eventually reach their typing potential.

Having a good typing speed can help in both your personal and professional life. In the workplace, having a good wpm score can be an asset for a variety of tasks such as data entry, taking notes, and transcribing conversations. Many jobs require a certain typing speed, so having a faster speed will make you more competitive when applying for jobs.

Improving your typing speed can be challenging, but it is achievable with practice and patience. You can have typing practice with Ratatype. Or you can take typing speed tests online to measure your current speed, and there are also plenty of typing tutorials available to help you increase your speed.

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