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Typing speed research: how to save 21 days per year while typing

A year and a half ago, we started a new project — Ratatype. The site’s main goal is to help everyone improve their touch typing skills. More than 140,000 people visit our website every single month and that number got us wondering: how has learning to touch type changed their lives and what do they get from using Ratatype? To satisfy our curiosity, we conducted a typing speed study.

We have analyzed the activity of 45,000 Ratatype users, while focusing primarily on those who passed a typing speed test with a result between 10 and 98 words per minute (wpm).

First, we focused on Ratatype users who only passed their first typing lesson.

Typing speed breakdown after the first completed lesson

Our research showed that more than 60%% of users fall below the average typing speed of 41 wpm. If we project this information on the global population, it becomes clear that the number of people who type less than 3 words in 5 minutes would equal the entire population of Asia.

Take a typing test and find how well you are now.

Our goal is to teach people all over the world how to improve their typing speed, and it seems as though we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

Next, we focused on Ratatype users who passed all of the typing lessons available on our website.

The number of users who passed all the typing exercises with a typing speeds higher than 39 wmp increased by 11%. When projected against the global population, that number would equal the continent of South America.

Typing speed breakdown according to number of finished lessons

Finish all the lessons and increase your touch typing speed by 20%

The numbers don’t lie. You can increase your normal touch typing speed by up to 20% simply by completing all of the typing lessons available on our site. Additionally, typing accuracy increases as well, meaning you save time by making fewer mistakes.

Increase your touch typing speed with Ratatype

Pass all typing exercises for the first time and your typing skills will be increased by 20%.

Save up to 21 days per year

By starting with a 30 minutes typing class every day, you will begin to see improvements in your touch typing speed within 2 weeks.

The average person spends at least three hours on the keyboard every day, including work hours, emails, social networking, Skype, etc. If you increase your typing speed by 20%, you can save up to 35 minutes per day. That equals a phenomenal 213 hours per year.

Considering that most people have about 10 hours of active time per day, you could be saving up to 21 days each year!

Typing speed research: save up to 21 days each year

Now, stop reading. It’s time to make a change in your life. Sign up at Ratatype, start your typing exercises and earn those extra 21 days each year.

This information doesn’t just have to benefit you. You can also share this typing speed research with your friends! Set up a friendly competition and see who can learn faster and reach the highest typing speed.

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