How to save 21 days per year while typing

How to save 21 days per year while typing

In 2013, we created Ratatype to help everyone improve their touch typing skills. Nowadays more than 140,000 people visit our website every single month and that number got us wondering: how has learning to touch type changed their lives and what do they get from using our typing tutor? To satisfy our curiosity, we conducted a typing speed study.

We have analyzed activity of 45,000 Ratatype users and found out that practice is the main thing that speeds up your typing. By comparing certification results and the amount of completed lessons we found out that the more lessons you take the better is your typing speed.

Increase your typing speed with every lesson you take

Numerically speaking, you can increase your normal touch typing speed by up to 20% simply by completing all of the typing lessons available on our site. Additionally, typing accuracy increases as well, meaning that you save time by making fewer mistakes.

Take a typing test to find out how good you are now.

Save up to 21 days per year

By starting with a 30 minutes typing class every day, you will begin to see improvements in your touch typing speed within 2 weeks.

The average person spends at least three hours a day using a keyboard while doing work, writing emails, messaging, using social networks, etc. If you increase your typing speed by 20%, you can save up to 35 minutes per day. That equals a phenomenal 213 hours per year.

Considering that most people have about 10 hours of active time per day, you could be saving up to 21 days each year!

Typing speed research: save up to 21 days each year

Seriously, you can get 213 hours per year just if you finish all our free lessons. And not only you! Please share this article to help your friends to save time too.


Have you shared the post? Perfect! It's time to make a change in your life. Start taking typing lessons at Ratatype and get your extra 21 days each year.

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