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The QWERTY layout is the most popular in the world. The Ratatype QWERTY typing course can help you increase typing speed by up to 20%!

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In 1867, typographer Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter and the keys on it were arranged in alphabetical order. But some time later the layout had to be modernized to protect the mechanism from jamming, because of this, the most frequently used combinations were distributed around the keyboard. So, the QWERTY layout was born and on its basis the majority of layouts for other languages were created.

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With Ratatype's free typing lessons, you can master basic typing skills and train your fingers to reach numbers and symbols as well. The keyboard practice will help you improve your typing speed by up to 20% and save a lot of time for more interesting activities. Above all, don't forget about the accuracy! Speed is important, but it will be better if you make as few mistakes as possible.

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