Classes — online touch typing tool for teachers

Do you want to teach students to touch type and track their progress? Create a class for your typing course on Ratatype — it’s easy to use and completely free! Detailed online touch typing lessons will help your students to remember where the keys are on the keyboard forever. Create a typing class

Why teachers should choose Ratatype

Create accounts for all of your students at once

Easily and simply create accounts for all of your students to practice in online typing classes.

Easy students’ account management

With the touch typing tool for students, you will be able to change names, emails, and even passwords. And also introduce certain restrictions.

Google Classroom Sync

Fast import classes and student lists, manage them through Google Classroom.

You can keep track of student learning statistics

Online classes for touch typing training help you to save time with convenient management.

You can create an unlimited number of classes

Do you have many classes? Create a typing class for each of them.

It's free!

Yes, online typing classes for students are free, and everything else too, with no restrictions :)

Learning is like a game

Kids will have fun with interactive lessons and the game mode. Learning to type faster in online classes for students will be like a real game.

Your students can take a typing speed test

Online touch typing training for students in classes helps them to increase typing speed. You can check how many words per minute they type during any phase of the training.

Multilingual lessons

Lessons and instruction for learning touch typing are available not only in English but also in Spanish, French, and other languages. Students can use keyboard fast typing training in online typing class to exercise their language skills.

100% online

Online access to the typing speed tool for students allows them and you to log in to the typing tutor from school or home. Access to typing class reports anywhere you have an Internet connection.

It is easy as 1-2-3

The simple interface of the typing tutor will work well for both adults and kids.