Dutch layout touch typing course

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Those who travel to the Netherlands and intend to learn the language of the country should remember that they are faced with a large amount of vocabulary. The complete dictionary of the Dutch language has the largest number of words of any language. As for typing, the Dutch use the standard QWERTY keyboard layout with some differences.

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Around 22 million people around the world communicate in Dutch.

  • In addition to the Netherlands, Dutch is also widely spoken in Belgium, where it is spoken by about 60% of the population, and is the official language of the Flanders region.
  • In the former Dutch provinces, the Dutch language is not only common but also has official status. For example, this applies to the countries of Suriname, the Antilles, and Aruba.
  • Older generations in Indonesia still know Dutch from the days when the country was a colonial dependency of its big European "brother".

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The main difference of the Dutch keyboard is that some symbols, for example "+" and "-" are located in completely unexpected places :) As for the letters, everything is standard here. With our course, you will learn to type in Dutch and boost your typing speed to the sky.

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