Ukrainian layout touch typing course

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The Ukrainian keyboard layout ЙЦУКЕН is designed to make writing and typing in the Ukrainian language easier and more efficient. And it has some features. For example, there are such letters as “є” and “ї” in this layout, which you can’t find in no other language. Are you ready to learn touch typing in Ukrainian? Let’s type!

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The ЙЦУКЕН layout is an inheritor of QWERTY. But it had an interesting difference: at first, this layout did not have the numbers "0", "1" and "3". It was believed that they could be replaced by letters "О", "І" and "З". The letters "Ц" and "Є" on the other hand, were in the numbers row.

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Of course, the modern Ukrainian layout looks a little different and more familiar. Have your fingers already remembered the keyboard scheme? Can you type without looking at the keyboard? Free typing lessons will help you answer "Yes!" to all the questions, you just need some Ukrainian typing practice.

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