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How do I get certified to pass a typing test for employment?

Typing speed is an important component of many jobs in the corporate world. A typing speed certificate is a document that verifies a person’s ability to type a certain number of words per minute (WPM). This certificate can be used to demonstrate proficiency in typing, which can help you gain an edge in the job market or be able to compete for a better-paying position. 

There are many ways to get a typing speed certificate. The most common is to take a typing speed test. These tests measure how fast a person can type a set amount of words and usually take only a few minutes.

Pass the typing test to get a typing certificate on Ratatype

  1. Complete the form to register.
  2. Pass the test to achieve the certification.
  3. Then right-click on the certificate and select "save image as" from the drop-down menu.

This image or a certificate link you can show to your employer. Also, you can add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile. However, we cannot guarantee that they will accept the certificate.

How to improve my typing speed

In addition to taking a typing test, you can also opt to take a course that helps you improve your typing accuracy and speed. These courses provide tips and techniques to help you type faster and with greater accuracy. Taking a typing course is often the best way to prepare for a typing certificate. 

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