Is it possible? How to play and learn touch typing at the same time

Games are loved by adults and children. That’s why Captain Ratatype has come up with a way to make typing lessons even more interesting and effective: just turn on the game mode! start typing with a game mode

How game mode works on Ratatype

In the game mode, you can earn ratacoins by completing the exercises:

  • typed a symbol — received a coin;
  • received an exercise award — received a lot of coins;
  • finished the lesson — got plenty of coins!

And the more lessons you take, the more coins you get for rewards and for the end of the lesson ;)

Of course, this is not real money, but Captain Ratatype took care of how it can be spent: you can replace the standard Paco hero with Cato, Froga, Dragy, or Alba! Just buy them :)

How to enable game mode

You can always turn on the game mode on the tutor page.

game mode manual

Why playing is fun and effective

Bright images help you explore colors, geometric shapes, numbers, and letters.

Educational computer games improve logical thinking, increase erudition.

Games teach empathy, support, and sympathy. It is better to release fear, aggression, and anxiety during the game.

Ratatype’s research shows that in a game mode, users are twice as likely to return to lessons as in regular training, and go through more exercises. And the more lessons you complete, the better your speed will become!

Enough talking, coins and heroes are waiting for you. Let’s go for new victories!

start typing with a game mode