Portuguese (Brazil) layout touch typing course

15 lessons

Touch typing course for the Portuguese QWERTY layout (Brazil) will help you learn to type both letters and symbols faster.

course pt_BR

Portuguese is one of the most widespread languages in the world! It is spoken by approximately 218 million people worldwide and is the official language in Portugal and Brazil. While European and Brazilian Portuguese grammar is very similar, it is their pronunciations that differ the most. Brazilians speak words in a more open manner, while Portuguese have a closed pronunciation.

keyboard pt_BR


The Brazilian keyboard, albeit QWERTY, has a number of its own characteristics. It contains dead keys for the five diacritical marks used in the language. The letter Ç (cedil) has its own key. It also differs from the Portuguese layout in the arrangement of numbers and signs on the keyboard.

I think now that you’ve learned enough interesting and useful facts about the Portuguese (Brazil) keyboard layout, it’s time to start learning touch typing. You can use this typing game to make learning fun. Try it now!

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