8 mistakes that prevent you from learning how to touch type fast

8 mistakes that prevent you from learning how to touch type fast

It is very simple to learn how to touch type, but have you ever thought about what prevents you from doing this efficiently and fast? What mistakes can you make while learning? Captain Ratatype tried to find answers to these questions. I asked teachers who teach touch typing with my typing tutor and collected the most common mistakes.

Mistake 1

Looking at the keyboard

This is the worst mistake. You cannot learn touch typing if you constantly glance at it. Therefore, try to remember the location of the symbols on the keyboard (our first 4 lessons teach just that). It may seem too slow at first, but gradually you will increase your typing speed. The next 4 lessons will reinforce this result. Go through these 8 keyboard typing lessons, get all the rewards, and in a few weeks you won't even remember that you typed differently.

Mistake 2

Incorrect finger position

Each finger is responsible for its own zone of keys. Typing speed will decrease if you use them incorrectly. The touch typing method is designed in such a way that all fingers are involved equally.

Mistake 3

Caps Lock on

Often, users do not notice that they have Caps Lock turned on. Besides, it is better to use the Shift key while learning touch typing. In everyday life, we use capital letters at the beginning of sentences or when spelling names. And only occasionally we need capital letters to write a whole word or sentence. Therefore, it is important to learn how to use the Shift key.

Mistake 4

Poor posture

Having poor posture while sitting will get you in trouble. This is a very big problem because you spend a lot of time sitting at the computer and your body should not feel sore. After all, fatigue entails health problems. So watch your posture closely.

Mistake 5

Skipping practices

Regular training is the key to success in any activity. When you skip a lesson, you lose the time that you have already spent on learning. Therefore, try to allocate 2-4 weeks for regular training every day for 30 minutes.

Mistake 6

Using phone for training

It's a bad idea to learn touch typing on your phone. After all, you only use thumbs there. Learning with a real keyboard gives you an advantage. This way you memorize the keys layout and you can easily type any text both on the computer and on the phone in the future. But if you train on the phone, then you will have to relearn how to type once you switch to your computer.

Mistake 7

Uneven typing rhythm

It breaks the pattern. Try to type each exercise with the same rhythm, keep an eye on the average typing speed. That way your muscle memory develops faster. And now you can verify this — take a typing speed test right now and get a certificate.

Mistake 8


Haste makes waste. When you are in a hurry, you automatically switch to typing using a familiar method, for example, with two fingers, and completely forget about everything else. Our goal is to master the ten-finger typing, which means we must take our time to train. Try this method while do online typing test.

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