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How can I check my typing speed online?

Typing speed is an important skill in today’s digital world, from responding to emails to taking notes in meetings. Whether you’re a professional looking to hone your skills or someone who wants to learn how to type for the first time, the best way to check your typing speed online is to take a wpm test. And sure you can check your typing speed on Ratatype — just take a typing test.

With the ever increasing need for data entry and other office-related tasks, the ability to type quickly and accurately is becoming increasingly valued by employers. By having a typing certificate, you are proving to potential employers that you possess the typing skills necessary to be successful in a variety of roles. Additionally, having a typing certificate can help demonstrate that you have the ability to keep up with the technological advances in the workplace. You can also get a typing certificate on Ratatype:

  1. Complete the form to register.
  2. Pass the typing speed test to achieve the certification.
  3. Then right-click on the certificate and select "save image as" from the drop-down menu.

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Frequently asked questions
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