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How to measure the typing speed and accuracy?

  • For languages with the Cyrillic alphabet, typing speed is measured in characters per minute (how many characters per minute you type without typos). This includes characters in any sign, with spaces.
  • For languages with the Latin alphabet, words per minute are more often used to measure typing speed. A word means an average of 5 characters, including spaces.
  • Typing speed is sometimes measured in beats per minute. In this case, the unit of measurement is not only the number of typed characters, but also the number of keystrokes on auxiliary keys like Shift and Alt.

On Ratatype, typing speed is measured in characters per minute for Russian and Ukrainian, and in WPM for the rest.
During a typing test, only correctly typed words are taken into account. Therefore, if you make a typo, the character counting stops until you correct it.

Typing accuracy is a percentage of correctly entered characters from the total number of characters in the text.

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